Celebrating 50 Years of Progress

The Paul I. Terasaki Antibody Symposium

Presentations Now Available for Viewing

In July of 2019,  The Paul I. Terasaki Antibody Symposium was held at the UCLA Luskin Center in Los Angeles.  The symposium was designed to provide attendees with an overview of Dr. Terasaki’s many contributions to transplantation spanning more than
50 years of research and considerable potential future directions in overcoming
chronic allograft rejection. The symposium speakers were some of the most prominent transplant scientists in the world. We are pleased to present their presentations for viewing and we thank them for their participation.

Program Committee
Dr. Mark Terasaki    Dr. Peter Nickerson
Dr. Anat Tambur     Dr. Trish Campbell
Dr. Robert Bray       Dr. Jar How Lee    Ricardo Ordoñez